Madison River Equine Performance Center



Good Luken Moneyman 5yr APHA16H Gelding

Late nights or early mornings, this gelding has loads of potential and charisma for days.

I have owned Luke for almost 3 years. He was extremely uncomplicated to start, and always stays gentle, no matter how long laid off. He is being seasoned now on the ranch and in town with an occasional night over crossrails. Has been exposed to all manner of horned livestock, swine & fowl.
Fabulous to shoe, loads and ties. Hobbles and easy to catch. Luke hasn't been super clear on a definitive career. He is multi-talented and being ridden 3 times a week. Luke is a forward ride and needs a partner that will keep exposing him to new things in a confident loving manner. This horse is very personable and easy to like. Gets along well in a herd, can defend himself but seems to hang with the lower end geldings. Clips and bathes-stands like a rock to mount and dismount.
Prefers a hackamore at the moment. Bareback, valet parking- English or Western.

Fresh shoes, dental, dewormer and 5-way vacc. current.
Never coliced- 100%sound- Vet Checks welcomed!


Jiminy Cricket    see VIDEO




Twisted In Blue : SOLD